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Good stuff

Played by Kalle Nord at n00bcon X : static1.squarespace.com_static_534aee17e4b0d8fffdf1778e_5ae59ddb8a922de467931453_5ae5a2f9758d46d77fff39eb_1524998930323_30227081_10156123734050132_3576131221102526464_o.jpg


Great deck, 20 restricted cards, fast creatures (Erhnam Djinn, Su-Chi, Mishra's Factory), direct damage, and counterspells.

Problem cards

  • The Abyss: one 3 Erhnam Djinn
  • Moat: need to win with direct damage
  • Blood Moon: shuts down most of the spells, still have bolts and Su-Chi (if the opponent plays Island, then you have 3 Fellwar Stone that can help a lot)
  • City in a Bottle: 3 Erhnam Djinn and 5 lands
  • Energy Flux: 5 Moxen, Sol Ring, Lotus, 3 Fellwar Stone and 4 Su-Chi, that is 14 cards

Main deck

  • replace Shatter by Disenchant (but 4 less mana sources to cast it)


Changes 08 and 10/03/2019 :

  • sideboard
    • -2 Giant Shark
    • +2 Black Vise
    • -1 Tranquility
    • +1 Disenchant

Reports :

New sideboard:

3 Ice Storm
3 Shatterstorm
1 Control Magic
2 Ivory Tower
2 Maze of Ith

vs The Deck : Energy Flux is too damaging to be used (mana artifact + Su-Chi), so use Shatterstorm

Testing 22/03/2019 vs The Deck (this version):

  • in: 2 REB, 3 Shatterstorm, 3 Ice Storm
  • out: 1 Power Sink, 3 Erhnam Dijnn (The Abyss, City in a Bottle, Moat), 1 Fellwar Stone, 1 Lightning Bolt, 1 Control Magic, 1 Sylvan Library
  • Shatterstorm is not that great
    • Disenchant would often be as good (if not better, to get rid of Moat)
    • Would Steal Artifact do the job ? Problem: vulnerable to REB and Disenchant
  • Ice Storm is good (mana denial early, insurance vs LoA and kill Factories later)
  • When Moat hits, need to win with direct damage: recursion and big Fireball: Black Vise might be useful
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