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Deck terrains

GBw ou GBr


  • Plague Spitter + Kormus Bell + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
  • Living Plane + Cursed Totem
  • Living Plane + Simoon


  • des bêtes à */2+
  • man lands: Darksteel Citadel, Mishra's Factory
  • des tutors
  • des casse-terrains
    • Rancid Earth

Alternatives rouge

Avalanche Riders Blood Moon Dwarven Miner Orcish Settlers Pillage Stone Rain

Alternative noire

Demonic Tutor Diabolic Intent Duress Icequake Plague Spitter Rain of Tears Rancid Earth Sinkhole

Deck Contrôle

Academy Rector Armageddon Balance Enlightened Tutor Eternal Dragon False Prophet Moat Swords to Plowshares Worship Wrath of God

Birds of Paradise Eternal Witness Genesis Life from the Loam Living Plane Quirion Ranger Regrowth Sakura-Tribe Elder Survival of the Fittest Uktabi Orangutan Wall of Roots Werebear

Arcane Laboratory Brainstorm Bribery Capsize Counterbalance Counterspell Dissipate Fact or Fiction Forbid Force of Will Gifts Ungiven Gilded Drake Hinder Intuition Keiga, the Tide Star Mana Drain Meloku the Clouded Mirror Merchant Scroll Misdirection Morphling Old Man of the Sea Opposition Propaganda Repeal Stormscape Apprentice Tradewind Rider Trinket Mage

Absorb Eladamri's Call Glare of Subdual Sterling Grove Zur the Enchanter

Goblin Bombardment Demonic Tutor Diabolic Intent Phyrexian Plaguelord

Citanul Flute Crucible of Worlds Phyrexian Furnace Sensei's Divining Top

Adarkar Wastes Bayou Breeding Pool Brushland Faerie Conclave Flooded Strand Flood Plain 2 Forest Grasslands 4 Island Lonely Sandbar Minamo, School at Water's Edge Mishra's Factory 3 Plains Plateau Polluted Delta Rishadan Port Sacred Foundry Savannah Scrubland Secluded Steppe Selesnya Sanctuary Taiga Temple Garden Tranquil Thicket Treetop Village Tropical Island Tundra Underground Sea Volcanic Island Wasteland Windswept Heath Wooded Foothills Yavimaya Coast


Azorius Guildmage Goblin Sharpshooter Treachery Trinket Mage

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