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Here is what I did to migrate WackoWiki from R3 to R4 (in 2004).

R4 installation

Download R4 at

Then I detarred it in /var/www/wackoR4/

I pointed my browser to and followed the instructions for the setup (kept the same database, user, but changed the table prefix to wakkaR4_).

Data migration

First I dumped all R3-related tables into a .sql text file (make sure you take complete inserts as there are some new rows in a couple of tables). I did this with phpmyadmin.

Then I replaced all the “wacko_” (might be “wakka_” for you) with “wakkaR4_” using a text editor. In vi, it is:


and saved as ~/wackoR4_migration.sql

Then I typed the following at the command line interface:

mysql -u root -p wakka < ~/wackoR4_migration.sql

So, the Wiki was running ok with old data and new version R4.

Webserver configuration

Still, I have to change the URL, but since I am lazy, I put the following rewrite rule in my Apache config file (/etc/apache/httpd.conf) in the ~VirtualHost section concerning

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule /wacko/(.+) /wackoR4/$1 [R]

Then I restarted Apache and all is fine.

/etc/init.d/apache reload

Last cosmetic thing to do: replace the gif on the homepage to get the R4 one.

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