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Extrait de la 1): What is NX?

NX is a software layer enabling any Unix workstation to provide terminal server functionalities. Thanks to its outstanding X-Window protocol compression technology and its ability to tunnel other important protocols, like the Remote Desktop Protocol used by Microsoft in its Terminal Server product family, NX makes it possible to run any application on any operating system across any network connection. Servers are available for Linux and Solaris. Clients are available for Windows, Linux, Apple ~MacOS/X, Solaris, Sony ~PlayStation2 and embedded Linux devices like HP/Compaq iPAQ and Sharp Zaurus.

Le 2) des bibliothèques de NX est libre (GPL), mais les implémentations (client et serveur) de sont propriétaires.

Ceci a permis à une implémentation serveur sous GnuLinux libre de voir le jour: FreeNX


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  • The Arrival of NX by Kurt Pfeifle
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