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Mini-HOWTO install [[Plone]] on [[Debian]] GNU/Linux


Plone isn't available for woody, so add the following to /etc/apt/sources.list: deb woody sherpya Then update your sources.list: apt-get update Install plone: apt-get install plone

This installs python, zope et plone (to the password encoding question, answer CRYPT).

Zope is normally available at port 8080 but in Debian, it's the port 9673 (couldn't find in the Debian doc, but you can see that in /etc/zopectl/default.conf).

Get a grasp on Zope

Point your browser to http://localhost:9673/ to reach Zope introduction page.

From there there is a link to the Zope Management Interface (login abd password = the one you gave at the install time). It's stored in /var/lib/zope/instance/default/access. You can change it by typing at the prompt: python /usr/lib/zope/ -u admin -p your_password /var/lib/zope/instance/default/access

Setup stuff (permissions for the zope user): chown -R zope /usr/lib/zope/ chown -R zope /var/lib/zope/

Reading the Zope Tutorial

Well, you need to install the Zope Tutorial to be able to read it. Here is how I did: 1- create a Z Gadfly Database Connection:

  • click on any product in the left panel
  • on the dropdown box at the right of screen, select ZGadfly Database Connexion then click “'add”
  • fill in and submit the form, choose any combination of numbers and letters for the id, select “demo” as data source

2- create a Zope Tutorial object

  • click on any production in the left panel
  • on the dropdown box at the right of screen, select Zope Tutorial then click “add”
  • fill in and submit the fom
  • you have installed the Zope Tutorial you can now click on the “Begin Tutorial” to open a new window with the tutorial

Install [[Plone]]

There is a dropdown box at the right of screen, select Plone site and click on the “add” button. This gives an error.

So, after I managed to install the tutorial, I left for some time. When I came back, my browser had crashed (don't know whether it's related to Zope or not) and Zope wasn't running anymore on the server :(

Still have to read: 2)


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