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 +VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is, in essence, a remote display system which allows you to view a computing '​desktop'​ environment not only on the machine where it is running, but from anywhere on the Internet and from a wide variety of machine architectures. ((http://​​archive/​vnc/​ source))
 +  * http://​​ l'​original
 +  * http://​​ meilleure compression
 +  * ((http://​​pipermail/​wplug/​2005-February/​024302.html howto remotely administer M$ machines from [[Debian]] GNU/​Linux)),​ 04/02/05
 +  * ((http://​​faq/​Legacy_Microsoft/​vnc-and-similar.html [[VNC]] and Similar)) from Linux Mafia
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