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   * [[http://​​htmldoc/​help.html| Vim documentation:​ help]] online   * [[http://​​htmldoc/​help.html| Vim documentation:​ help]] online
   * [[http://​​vi/​vi.html| Vi Lovers Home Page]]   * [[http://​​vi/​vi.html| Vi Lovers Home Page]]
-  * [[http://​| a vi Reference]]+  * [[https://​​web/​20021223195817/​| a vi Reference]]
   * [[http://​​~guckes/​vi/​subst.php3| Substitution Guide]] HOWTO use the ":​s"​ command   * [[http://​​~guckes/​vi/​subst.php3| Substitution Guide]] HOWTO use the ":​s"​ command
   * [[http://​​​sid=04/​08/​18/​1558200| Getting more out of Vim]]   * [[http://​​​sid=04/​08/​18/​1558200| Getting more out of Vim]]
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