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ogg format

You need abcde which is a command line front end to rip songs:

apt-get install abcde

To get songs 1 to 3 from the CD in /dev/cdrom:

abcde 1-3

mp3 format

abcde will do the job again, but you need lame (an mp3 encoder which is not in debian).

apt-get install lame

To rip song 1 in mp3 format:

abcde -o mp3 1

Convert ogg to mp3

sudo aptitude install sox libsox-fmt-mp3 
sox DescenteInfinie.ogg DescenteInfinie.mp3

Real format

Avec Ubuntu 10.4 (Lucid Lynx)

sudo aptitude install sound-juicer

Les titres des chansons ne sont pas retrouvés?


Et ça marche.

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