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 +ComputerStuff > [[RemoteAccess]]
 +Extrait de la ((http://​​faq.php FAQ)): What is [[NX]]?
 +[[NX]] is a software layer enabling any Unix workstation to provide terminal server functionalities. Thanks to its outstanding X-Window protocol compression technology and its ability to tunnel other important protocols, like the Remote Desktop Protocol used by Microsoft in its Terminal Server product family, [[NX]] makes it possible to run any application on any operating system across any network connection. Servers are available for Linux and Solaris. Clients are available for [[Windows]],​ Linux, Apple ~MacOS/X, Solaris, Sony ~PlayStation2 and embedded Linux devices like HP/Compaq iPAQ and Sharp Zaurus.
 +Le ((http://​​sources.php code source)) des bibliothèques de [[NX]] est libre (GPL), mais les implémentations (client et serveur) de sont propriétaires.
 +Ceci a permis à une implémentation serveur sous [[GnuLinux]] libre de voir le jour: [[FreeNX]]
 +  * ((http://​​2003/​04/​18/​12123.html NoMachine - Une alternative libre de contrôle de bureau à distance)) 18/04/03
 +  * ((http://​​software/​03/​07/​10/​2146247.shtml?​tid=11 NoMachine offers universal thin client appeal)) 15/07/03
 +  * ((http://​​article.php?​sid=677 !M = NoMachine)) 04/04/04
 +  * ((http://​​~markmc/​a-look-at-nomachine-nx.html A Brief Look At NoMachine [[NX]])) 07/07/04
 +  * The Arrival of [[NX]] by Kurt Pfeifle
 +    * ((http://​​article/​8477 Part 1: How I came to know [[NX]])) 29/07/05
 +    * ((http://​​article/​8480 Part 2: How X works)) 03/08/05
 +    * ((http://​​article/​8483 Part 3: How [[NX]] works)) 05/08/2005
 +    * ((http://​​article/​8489 Part 4: How (well) [[NX]] works)) 09/08/05
 +    * ((http://​​article/​8538 Part 5: Using [[NX]])) 04/10/05
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