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 error    : Corrupt</​code>​ error    : Corrupt</​code>​
 +Autre essai :
 +<​code>​sudo myisamchk /​var/​lib/​mysql/​spip/​spip_meta.MYI
 +[sudo] password for carl: 
 +Checking MyISAM file: /​var/​lib/​mysql/​spip/​spip_meta.MYI
 +Data records: ​    ​118 ​  ​Deleted blocks: ​      0
 +myisamchk: warning: Table is marked as crashed and last repair failed
 +- check file-size
 +myisamchk: warning: Size of datafile is: 8436            Should be: 8400
 +- check record delete-chain
 +- check key delete-chain
 +- check index reference
 +- check data record references index: 1
 +- check record links
 +myisamchk: error: Keypointers and record positions doesn'​t match
 +myisamchk: warning: Found        119 key parts. Should be: 118
 +MyISAM-table '/​var/​lib/​mysql/​spip/​spip_meta.MYI'​ is corrupted
 +Fix it using switch "​-r"​ or "​-o"</​code>​
 +Cela a fonctionné quand j'ai fait ceci (sans les 2 premières lignes, cela ne fonctionnait pas) :
 +<​code>​cd /​var/​lib/​mysql/​spip
 +sudo mv spip_meta.TMD spip_meta.TMD_old
 +sudo myisamchk -o /​var/​lib/​mysql/​spip/​spip_meta.MYI
 +- recovering (with keycache) MyISAM-table '/​var/​lib/​mysql/​spip/​spip_meta.MYI'​
 +Data records: 118</​code>​
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