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Thunderbird is a great cross-platform basic email client.

Some questions I had to answers for myself followed by helpful links.

How to see the user agent in the normal headers?

First, locate your Thunderbird directory. With Debian, it's ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default/xxxxxxxx.slt/ create a custom file user.js: touch ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default/xxxxxxxx.slt/user.js

Then with your 1), add the following lines:

Show the user agent of incoming messages user_pref(“mailnews.headers.showUserAgent”, true); === How to add another identity without adding a POP/IMAP account? === === How to check for new mail on all folders? === If you are using IMAP and procmail, you want to check other folders than just Inbox. Add in prefs.js the following line: user_pref(“mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new”, true); === Links === * 2) * 3) 9 good short articles to start with Thunderbird * 4) * 5) * 6) === Liens === * 7) * 8) tutoriel de chez Framasoft What I'd like to know is this: * how to have the signature optional?

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