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 +MagicTheGathering > [[TypeOne]]
 +Deck bas&#​233;​ sur Zur's Wierding.
 +2 possibilit&#​233;​s:​
 + * prendre l'​avantage rapidement et poser Wierding
 + * gagner des vies pour locker l'​autre
 +A prori, un ~U/G (fast mana + Temporal Spring)
 +== Bonnes cartes ==
 +Convalescent Care
 +Spirit Link
 +Eternal Dragon
 +Birds of Paradise
 +Elvish Spirit Guide
 +Llanowar Elves
 +Survival of the Fittest
 +Viridian Zealot
 +Squee, Goblin Nabob
 +Fact or Fiction
 +Memory Lapse
 +Sleight of Hand
 +Zur's Wierding
 +Temporal Spring
 +Isochron Scepter
 +Ivory Tower
 +Scroll Rack
 +Elephant equipment
 +Bazaar of Baghdad
 +Mishra'​s Factory
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