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This is the pet deck of Ray Robillard, which he plays since 2005. See the “primer” from 2006:

Few changes since then:

  • Bazaar of Baghdad has been added (by Luis Scott Vargas, cf. Ochoa's win at Eudemonia in July 2006)
  • Tangle Wire has been replaced by ?

This a tricky deck to play. Here are some tricks:

  • Sensei's Divining Top: activate the look ability, then the draw ability, to bury a top you don’t want to draw back into
  • if you have Goblin Welder and Top in play you can tap the Top to draw a card, but with that ability on the stack you can activate Goblin Welder to weld Top out of play for a juicy artifact that's in your graveyard. Welder's ability resolves, and then you draw a card from the top activation. However, Sensei's Top doesn't go back on top of your library because it's in a different zone
  • get 8 cards with Memory Jar: at your opponent's end of turn step, activate Jar: you get 7 cards until the end of the next turn (yours). Draw the 8th card in your draw step next turn (if you activate it in your main phase, you will dump your drawn card and have only 7 in hand)
  • Bazaar of Baghdad + Sensei's Divining Top when you have no cards in hand lets you the opportunity to draw the best card among the top 3 of your library each turn: stack the cards with Top: bad, bad, good, then activate Bazaar: you draw the good card and can repeat the process each turn

Some other nice tricks: Numerous Above Average Plays.

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