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 2 Giant Shark</code> 2 Giant Shark</code>
-[[:magicthegathering:oldschool:goodstuff|more on this deck]].+[[:magicthegathering:oldschool:goodstuff|More on this deck]]. 
 +===== Black/White ===== 
 +White has the best spot removal (Swords to Plowshares and Disenchant), excellent global removal (Balance, Armageddon, Wrath of God and Moat) and some good creatures, while black has Mind Twist and Hypnotic Specter for hand destruction. 
 +  * Deadguy Ale is famous, sometimes adding blue for power cards, e.g. Megu, winner of Raging Bull 27/05/2019 {{:magicthegathering:oldschool:deadguy_ale_megu_20190525.jpg?400|}} 
 +  * [[|Undead Party Crasher]] B/W Armageddon with few creatures 
 +  * a version with [[|Alpha/Beta]] cards only 
 +  * [[:magicthegathering:oldschool:blackwhite|Chimay triple]] is my take on the subject
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