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 +ComputerStuff > [[ZopeCorner]] > (([[Plone]]))
 +====== Mini-HOWTO install [[Plone]] on [[Debian]] GNU/Linux ======
 +==== Installation ====
 +[[Plone]] isn't available for woody, so add the following to /​etc/​apt/​sources.list:​
 +deb http://​​debian/​ woody sherpya
 +Then update your sources.list:​
 +apt-get update
 +Install plone:
 +apt-get install plone
 +This installs python, zope et plone (to the password encoding question, answer CRYPT).
 +Zope is normally available at port 8080 but in [[Debian]], it's the port 9673 (couldn'​t find in the [[Debian]] doc, but you can see that in /​etc/​zopectl/​default.conf).
 +==== Get a grasp on Zope ====
 +Point your browser to http://​localhost:​9673/​ to reach Zope introduction page.
 +From there there is a link to the Zope Management Interface (login abd password = the one you gave at the install time).
 +It's stored in /​var/​lib/​zope/​instance/​default/​access. You can change it by typing at the prompt:
 +python /​usr/​lib/​zope/​ -u admin -p your_password /​var/​lib/​zope/​instance/​default/​access
 +Setup stuff (permissions for the zope user):
 +chown -[[R]] zope /​usr/​lib/​zope/​
 +chown -[[R]] zope /​var/​lib/​zope/​
 +== Reading the Zope Tutorial ==
 +Well, you need to install the Zope Tutorial to be able to read it.
 +Here is how I did:
 +1- create a Z Gadfly Database Connection:
 + * click on any product in the left panel
 + * on the dropdown box at the right of screen, select ZGadfly Database [[Connexion]] then click "'​add"​
 + * fill in and submit the form, choose any combination of numbers and letters for the id, select "​demo"​ as data source
 +2- create a Zope Tutorial object
 + * click on any production in the left panel
 + * on the dropdown box at the right of screen, select Zope Tutorial then click "​add"​
 + * fill in and submit the fom
 + *  you have installed the Zope Tutorial you can now click on the "Begin Tutorial"​ to open a new window with the tutorial
 +==== Install [[Plone]] ====
 +There is a dropdown box at the right of screen, select [[Plone]] site and click on the "​add"​ button. This gives an error.
 +So, after I managed to install the tutorial, I left for some time. When I came back, my browser had crashed (don't know whether it's related to Zope or not) and Zope wasn't running anymore on the server :(
 +Still have to read: ((http://​​​Server_Side/​Zope/​ZopeWithApache/​page1.html ​ Using Zope With Apache))
 +=== Bibliography ===
 + * ((https://​​Members/​mschopen/​howto/​debian_installation Installation von ZOPE auf [[Debian]] GNU/Linux))
 + * ((http://​​Documentation/​Books/​ZopeBook/​2_6Edition/​InstallingZope.stx Zope book))
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