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1) est un client de messagerie instantanée qui gère le protocole jabber.


Il y a aussi moyen de se connecter sur IRC:

Tools –> Accounts –> Add –> (protocol IRC, compléter) –> Save

Pour se connecter:

Buddies –> Join a chat –> (choisir le compte IRC créé, compléter channel: “#nom_channel”) –> Join

Google IM

  • add an account, select “Jabber” as the protocol
  • your screen name is everything before the ''
  • server is ''
  • click “show more options” and make sure “use TLS if available” is checked. Leave “Force old SSL” and “allow plaintext…” unchecked for now. Connection port should be 5222, connection server should be '' without the quotes
  • Ta-da! Just login and you should be good-to-go

Source: 2)

Il y a aussi une 3) sur le site de Google.

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