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 +This package enables you to download [[multimedia]] videos from on your [[debian]]-installed computer.
 +====== Installation ======
 +<​code>​sudo aptitude install ffmpeg rtmpdump
 +wget ftp://​​debian-backports/​pool/​main/​y/​youtube-dl/​youtube-dl_2012.01.05-2~bpo60+1_all.deb
 +sudo dpkg -i youtube-dl_2012.01.05-2~bpo60+1_all.deb
 +sudo youtube-dl -U
 +sudo youtube-dl http://​​watch?​v=DsPYENB88wk
 +====== Usage ======
 +<​code>​youtube-dl http://​​watch?​v=DsPYENB88wk</​code>​
 +source: http://​​downloading-youtube-videos-using-debian-ubuntu
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