Welcome to ZongoWiki , yet another WackoWiki Dokuwiki site!

Mais d'où vient le nom de domaine zongo.be? .be, c'est où j'habite.

Zongo, c'est mon idole. cf. étude plus ou moins sérieuse sur Tristan Chambon, dit Zongo.

Check out my computer stuff. Ou alors les recettes de cuisine. Y a même une page jeux, une page sciences et le chansonnier.


I am trying to find a WikiWikiWeb I like. After trying PHPWiki for a while, I settled on WackoWiki which had the features I wanted. But the development went stale and it was behind concerning PHP version, which became an issue when I wanted to update my Debian server. In Decembre 2011, after an unsuccessful migration to v5.0.rc, I switched to dokuwiki, which does the job.